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KENYA: Mass resignation of columnists rocks Daily Nation newspaper

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman and seven other columnists from Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper today resigned their positions in protest at growing censorship and the silencing of critical voices.

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Cambridge Analytica in Africa: Don’t Believe (All) the Hype

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman looks at whether “big data” can swing African elections, and debunks some of the claims made for Cambridge Analytica in a new article with Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis

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Cambridge Analytica in Africa … bravura or bravado?

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman talks to the BBC about the recent revelations surrounding Cambridge Analytica, and whether companies like it can really change the course of African elections.

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KENYA: Class, ethnicity and the Kenyatta/ Odinga deal

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman investigates the latest deal between opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta, and asks whose interests are being looked after

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International Women’s Day 2018: What is there to celebrate?

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman and the University of Birmingham’s Jill Steans ask whether there is anything to celebrate on this International Women’s Day, and why so many democracies do a worse job of promoting female political representation than their authoritarian counterparts …

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DiA Mentorship Scheme: Apply Now!

Professor Nic Cheeseman is launching a new mentorship scheme through Democracy in Africa for young commentators and journalists from East Africa who would like career and writing advice and support.

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#SaloneDecides: Will new parties end Sierra Leone’s two-party dominance?

Does the emergence of two new political parties make it harder for any one party to establish dominance, and render a transfer of power more likely in the elections scheduled for 7 March? Luisa Enria and Jamie Hitchen investigate …

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New Podcast: Democracy in Africa and how the rules of the game shape political outcomes

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman talks to Alice Evans about his new book, and how the idea that Africa is “institutionless” has undermined our understanding of politics on the continent.

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Why some African Autocrats love Political Decentralization

Lovise Aalen and Ragnhild Louise Muriaas explain why political decentralization should not be confused with democratization in Africa. On the contrary, widespread popular political participation at the subnational level can help sustain the power of certain autocrats.

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Zambia Update: What was the purpose of Lungu’s cabinet reshuffle?

Sishuwa Sishuwa catches us up with recent events in Zambia, and considers the latest cabinet reshuffle. Why was the Minister of Finance replaced, and what does this tell us about the direction the Zambian government is likely to take in the future?

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