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What will a Trump or Clinton presidency mean for Africa?

Democracy in Africa

On the eve of the US election, Robtel Neajai Pailey reflects on what the outcome could mean for the African continent. Robtel Neajai Pailey is a Liberian academic, activist and author of the anti-corruption children’s book, Gbagba.

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From democracy promotion to ‘politically smart’ governance reform in Africa


Rosie Pinnington provides an important critique of the ‘politically smart’ governance reform that is being adopted by increasing numbers of donors. Rosie is a DPhil researcher in Politics at the University of Oxford. Her work explores donor approaches to supporting institutional reform in Africa.

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Democratisation and single-party dominance: The case of Namibia


Ian Cooper tells us about his recent paper, in which he argues that Namibia has democratised under single-party dominance, contrary to popular thinking on democratic consolidation. Ian is a Teaching Associate at the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).

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Ethiopian politics beyond the vanguard?


Jason Mosley provides insight into recent unrest in Ethiopia, where the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front are at a crucial turning point. Jason is a Research Associate of the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford. He is also the Managing Editor of the Journal of Eastern African Studies and an Associate Fellow of the Africa Programme […]

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Fleeting glory in a wasteland: Wealth, politics, and autonomy in Northern Chad


Judith Scheele and Julien Brachet tell us about their research in Northern Chad. This work asks how we can understand ideas and practices of traditional authority, and what these mean for our understanding of the state. Judith Scheele is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at All Souls College, University of Oxford. Julien Brachet is a Marie-Curie Research Fellow […]

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Political parties: Hard to work with, impossible to ignore


Susan Dodsworth gives us the highlights from her recent paper, published with Nic Cheeseman, on political parties and democracy promotion. Susan is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow In The Political Economy of Democracy Promotion at the University of Oxford.

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#IIAG: African governments must get the basics right

Luisa Porritt

Luisa Porritt shares and explores with us some of the big issues tackled at this week’s conversation on the 2016 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, hosted by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the index. Luisa is a writer and adviser on political economy. She is also a visiting tutor at Royal […]

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Imagining a different form of external support in Libya


Dr Mediel Hove argues that there is a role for external actors in Libya but it should be driven by the African Union and centred on the concepts of compromise and power sharing. Mediel Hove is a widely published senior lecturer of War, Peace and Strategic Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He is also a […]

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Shortchanging Democracy in Africa

Fodei Batty explores the role of the international community through elections, arguing that external intervention has fundamentally compromised the prospects of democratisation across the continent. Fodei is an assistant professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, USA.

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The War Vets turn on ‘Mr Mugabe’

Sara Rich Dorman

Sara Rich Dorman explores the recent actions of war vets in Zimbabwe, and asks what the future holds for ‘Mr Mugabe’. Sara is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. Her book ‘Understanding Zimbabwe’ will be released next month.

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