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Why Mnangagwa will not be another Mugabe

Arguing against the prevailing view that sees Mnangagwa as a force of continuity rather than change, Michael Gyekye offers an alternative perspective that focusses on the incentives the new president faces to enact reform.

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What kind of a coup are we seeing in Zimbabwe?

LSE researcher McDonald Lewanika analyses the evolving situation in Zimbabwe, and asks what kind of military intervention this is, and how we should understand it.

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What does the “coup that’s not a coup” mean for democracy and civil society in Zimbabwe?

Read the statement by #SheVotes, a Zimbabwean civil society movement seeking to encourage women to register to vote and participate in politics, on the current political crisis in Zimbabwe and how to respond to it.

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Biafran unrest and the shrinking national cake: what prospects for Nigeria?

Leila Demarest analyses how the failure of the South-East Development Commission Bill highlights an increasingly fragile fiscal pact in Nigeria.

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Elections, leaders and the politics of the primaries in Kenya

Duncan Otieno reflects on the controversial party primaries in Kenya and argues that it is in the interests of party leaders to embrace the recent upsurge in independent candidates.

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Natural resources and resistance in Western Sahara

Joanna Allan explores the roots of resistance in Western Sahara, reflecting on how oil, phosphates and the struggle against colonialism have played out in a state that is all too often overlooked in contemporary coverage of African politics.

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“So called” Professor Nic Cheeseman causes Zambia controversy

A recent article by DiA’s Nic Cheeseman made front page news in Zambia, and was subsequently denounced by the Patriotic Front government. Click through for the story, and the denunciation.

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Election monitoring neither free nor fair


In this remarkable insider account of the birth of modern election monitoring, Professor Stephen Chan discusses the challenges facing election monitors and asks the big questions: why do observers often pull their punches? Has observation has outlived its usefulness? What can be done to improve it? Read his article first on Democracy in Africa … 

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Call for Proposals: The changing face of electoral manipulation in Africa

ECAS 2017, 29 June-1 July, Basel **Deadline 19 January 2017**

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Between citizenship and marginalisation in Angola


Vasco Martins tells us about his recent research on citizenship in Angola, which has recent been published in Citizenship Studies. Vasco is a research at the Centre for International Studies, ISCTE-IUL, in Lisbon.

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